Consumer installment loans, long considered the foundation for safe and responsible lending, are in vogue again. This proven money management practice for personal debt is based on sound financial principles and good insight into human nature.

Personal installment loans are a transparent, affordable and disciplined form of credit which helps consumers meet important economic needs. In critical circumstances, these loans also help smooth out income fluctuations and disruptions from unexpected events like car repairs or medical expenses. An installment loan provides a properly structured and timely repayment schedule based on an individual’s actual ability to pay. It also inherently creates the satisfaction associated with achieving important financial goals through the practice of personal responsibility.

The Same As It Was Over 100 Years Ago

With traditional installment loans, the process today is the same as it was over 100 years ago. The industry provides high quality loans in a strongly regulated marketplace with all appropriate consumer protections—without having to rely on taxpayer subsidies. Clearly, it is imperative to keep a healthy, diversified private enterprise consumer loan industry available in this country. When lending is available through private enterprise, we eliminate any further burden to taxpayers, while ensuring the most efficient use of capital in delivering this vital service. Thus this business, originally founded to protect consumers, remains the most viable financial option for meeting basic credit needs.

Experts agree, consumer credit is essential to the economic wellbeing of our economy. By providing responsible, affordable, and disciplined credit, the traditional installment loan, underwritten and serviced through private enterprise, continues to help consumers satisfy important credit needs.

Because of its intrinsic discipline and reliability—in a time of economic crisis—people are once again returning to the traditional consumer installment loan as the most responsible form of credit available in America.